Price Overview

Paintless Dent Removal

What are the advantages of PDR over the conventional Panel and Paint?

Better Price
Panel & Paint: Depending on the size of the panel to be repaired, it will cost you anything from $350 to $1000.
Dent Magician: Prices are per panel, starting at $120 incl GST (Retail)

Quicker Repairs
Panel & Paint: Repairs need to be done at the shop, so the vehicle can be away from the owner for up to 3 days or more.
Dent Magician: Repairs are done onsite and finalised in about 30 minutes because we come to you at home or work and perform the removal while you wait.

Better Quality of Repair
Panel & Paint: Repair technique causes the vehicle’s original paint to be ground away subsequently requiring a paint touch-up which offers a risk of mismatch paint which could decrease the value of the vehicle.
Dent Magician: Repair technique doesn’t damage the vehicle’s original paint job helping retain its re-sale value.

How much does it cost for a PDR repair?
Dent Magician operates with two prices: Wholesale Rates and Retail Rates.

Different prices apply for different customer categories, which is understandable: a commercial establishment such as a car dealership or a panel and paint shop work with hundreds of cars on a daily basis, so they are more likely to require our services more frequently and therefore we can afford to offer our services at wholesale rates. Private customers are charged retail rates, see details below.

Private customers ($120 incl GST per panel)

Dent Magician retail rate commences at $120.00 including GST per panel. Our retail rate is certainly not the cheapest in the marketplace and it would be very easy for us, like some, to charge less for a poorer repair, but this is not how we conduct our business. We appreciate that all our clients want the best repair possible for their vehicle. Because we spend more time and effort to get the best repair possible using PDR the economics is that we must charge slightly more. If you have multiple panel damage we offer a 15% discount off the total repair account.

Wholesale Customers:

Because we are a mobile service, our Dent Magician technicians will come to your place of business. Our very competitive wholesale rates are available to all our High Volume clients so you can still retain your profit margins on the vehicle upon sale. We also offer multiple panel discounts.

To get the full disclosure of our wholesale rate and to calculate how profitable dealing with Dent Magician can be for your business, give us a call now on 0800 NO DENT (66 33 68) and speak to your local technician now.

The Dent Magician’s guarantee is simple: ‘It’s Fixed or It’s Free’

Every repair is backed by our guarantee that if you’re not truly satisfied with the results then we most certainly won’t be satisfied either.
Our ‘It’s Fixed or It’s Free’ philosophy;

Some customers have concerns that if the repair is not truly removed they will still have to pay, no they won’t!  If the technician does not achieve a 100% of what he has quoted to the client then there is no charge.  

Do you lease a vehicle?

If the answer is ‘YES’ then you may not be aware that you can pay up to $200 or more per panel for ‘excessive wear’ when the lease expires. As many operators of leased vehicles have found out in the past, by using Dent Magician to repair their vehicles prior to the lease expiring resulted in them saving hundreds of dollars. So next time you complete a lease period on your leased vehicle and you don’t want a dent in your bank balance let us take care of the minor dings and dents on your vehicle

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We are a PaintLESS Dent Removal company.  We do NOT do paint repairs

Paintless Dent Removal is the removal of small cosmetic dents created by such things as shopping trundlers etc etc.  We do not do large crash job.

We do not repair plastic bumpers.  


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