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In early 1995 the Company Director Hugh McInally had a dent on his prize winning classic vehicle.  This obviously diminished the value and look of the car.  After numerous visits to various panel and paint shop for a quote and assurance from those shops that the new paint would match the existing paint, he was continually disappointed to find that no panel and paint shop could assure him that they could match the paint perfectly.

After studying the marketplace he could see the need for Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in the marketplace and approached a market leader in the industry in the UK to see if he could purchase their system with the intention of bringing it to NZ.

They agreed and after many months in the UK studying the industry and learning the art of Paintless Dent Removal from the best in the industry he returned to New Zealand.

Dent Pros NZ Limited commenced trading as Dents Plus NZ which, many years later, had a name change to the present Dent Magician.

It was decided that the service would be distributed across the country via a Franchise. 

In 1995 Franchise areas were advertised for sale with many individuals seeing the gap in the industry for such a service and promptly purchased exclusive areas.
By the end of 1996 all areas were sold resulting in Dent Pros NZ Limited being the largest and only nationwide PDR Company in NZ.  Dent Magician is the market leader in the PDR industry in New Zealand.

From the outset it was decided that Dent Magician would be known in the marketplace as “the best in quality and service”.  That same business ethic created so many years ago still stands to this day.

Retail philosophy tells us that the highest quality product or service is normally the most expensive.  Dent Magician do not profess to be the cheapest but they do profess to give you the highest quality repair and the best value for money.  On many occasions they will be more expensive than their competitors but unlike some they do not charge if the repair is not to their standard.  They work on the principle that the dent is;

“Fixed or it’s Free”


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