We do more than just eliminate annoying dents and creases that take away the cosmetic appeal of your vehicle!
So, what “more” do we do? We help you retain the value of your vehicle by keeping it in its original factory finish because our dent removal technique doesn’t compromise your vehicle’s original paint job. The car remains original which will greatly assist in maintaining its value
And we do all that at only a fraction of the cost of conventional panel and painting.

Panel & Paint Shop’s dent removal techniques involve “planishing” work. Technicians hit the external surface of the damaged panels using a planishing hammer (panel hammer) assisted by a piece of metal that goes behind the panel called a dolly.

Using repeated, relatively soft blows, the dented surface piece is smoothed toward the curvature of the dolly. However to achieve this, planishing hammers are in direct contact with the outside surface of the vehicle which causes the paint to chip away.

Once the paint is chipped, Panel & Painters will sand the area, apply filling, apply primer (under coat) and only then the final paint is sprayed. Panel & Paint techniques are a lot more time consuming than PDR, require a lot more steps to achieve the same effect and offer risks of paint mismatch. At panel and paint shops you will be charged for two services and not one: the removal of the dent itself and the subsequent paint job. You will spend anything from $300 to $1000!

Dent Magician, however, will remove your dents without compromising your vehicle’s paint job, which helps to retain its resale value. Repairs commence at $120 incl GST per panel.


We are a PaintLESS Dent Removal company.  We do NOT do paint repairs

Paintless Dent Removal is the removal of small cosmetic dents created by such things as shopping trundlers etc etc.  We do not do large crash job.

We do not repair plastic bumpers.